Knicks Fix

  • Wednesday, October 10, 2012

    Title or Bust

    This was no Rex Ryan moment for Mike Woodson, it was simply a statement. “I want to win an NBA title,” he said. “Otherwise, what are you here for?” Woodson set the tone from the very beginning of training camp, when the championship aspirations were made clear to every player. After years of rebuilding and retooling, of clearing salary cap space and selling draft picks, the Knicks believe this is the...
  • Thursday, October 04, 2012

    Knicks Arrived Under One Condition

    Mike Woodson didn’t say anything that hasn’t been said before in the presence of Carmelo Anthony. But perhaps it was the delivery.

    “Everybody’s got to be in better shape,” Woodson said last May. “There’s got to be some changes for this team to really get to the next level.”

    Woodson spoke in general terms to the media, but behind closed doors he directly challenged Melo to challenge himself. In his...
  • Wednesday, October 03, 2012

    Felton Gets the Point

    Jason Kidd came to the Knicks expecting to mentor Jeremy Lin through what would be his first full NBA season. Instead, it’s Raymond Felton who arrived at training camp with an apple for the teacher and his ears and mind wide open. Even as a seven-year veteran, Felton came ready to learn.

    "He's been talking to me every day, staying in my ear, helping me out tremendously," Felton said. "He's been great....