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  • Saturday, August 04, 2012

    Devils Crash Line, Spotlight on Sabres, and a Bargain Blueshirt

    • Once the labor-management war ends, the NHL will start thinking seriously about expansion.  Seattle and Quebec City are virtually guaranteed as the 31st and 32nd teams. Some wise insiders predict that if Seattle joins the Bettman club, it will instantly become one of the "five best franchises" in America. Others believe that Quebec City looms as a Winnipeg-like success story, only with a French...
  • Wednesday, August 01, 2012

    Doan Drama, Life's Not Fehr, and Progress in Nassau

    • DOAN DO DAT -- DAT DOAN DO: As I impatiently wait for Shane Doan to make a decision on his 2012-2013 team choice I'm reminded of an old-time radio character named The Mad Russian. When cautioning a friend against doing something foolish, The Mad Russian would say, "Don't do dat."  (Then a pause.) "Dat, don't do." The Maven's updated version is, "Doan do dat; Shane, dat, don't do." In other words,...
  • Sunday, July 29, 2012

    Free Agency Frenzy: It's Not Free!

    So, the report has it that Martin Brodeur engaged a big-time -- as in Pat Brisson -- agent as Free Agency Day descends on us this Sunday. Do you believe it? Me? Nay.
    Meanwhile, Marty's buddy -- at least for the moment -- Zach Parise has had an equally large-image rep (Don Meehan) ready to find a pot 'o NHL goal for the Devils' (for now) captain.
    Apart from the fact that they have been teammates in New...
  • Friday, July 27, 2012

    Impertinent Thoughts on Pertinent Topics - Parise, Shanahan, and More

     WHITHER ZACH PARISE: Not even Albert Einstein, if he had produced a hockey Theory of Relativity, could have figured the future of Zach Parise. Which means neither The Maven, nor you, nor your Uncle Dudley knows how the Devils captain's gyroscope is working. With Free Agency arriving on the weekend, ongoing talks between Parise's main rep -- Don Meehan -- and Lou Lamoriello conceivably could produce a deal by Saturday night.  But...
  • Wednesday, July 25, 2012

    About Nash, Cash And Dash

    1. CLASS LINEMATES: Since he became a Blue Jacket in 2002, Nash has been saddled with mediocre sidemen. Yet he still managed a 40 and 41-goal season. Imagine how much better he'll perform with the likes of Brad Richards, Marian Gaborik and Ryan Callahan as teammates. Coming to New York for Rick is like the guy who kept hitting himself in...
  • Tuesday, July 24, 2012

    Goalies In Limbo, CBA Talks & More Isles' Arena Rumors

    • Considering that they were starting goaltenders in the 2011 Stanley Cup Final, Tim Thomas and Roberto Luongo have seen their stars plummet off the "Leading Man" doors. The Conn Smythe Trophy-winner when his Bruins won the mug, Thomas has turned into a more confusing enigma than Sean Avery; and that's no small feat. Right now, Un-Timid Timmy is playing the "Maybe I Will And Maybe I Won't" game,...
  • Monday, July 23, 2012

    Rangers Get Their Man, The Nash Era Begins On Broadway

    Glen Sather won the battle of the minds. Translated: Slats hit the Red Light Jackpot. For months it had become apparent that Columbus had to unload Rick Nash. Plus, everyone and his third-cousin-twice-removed knew that the Rangers were pursuing the big fellow with the potent shot. The obstacle for months was purchase price; or, to put it another way, how much Blue Jackets general manager Scott Howson would demand in return....
  • Wednesday, July 18, 2012

    This Year Picking 28th Could Be Good, Maybe Even Another Blueshirt Named Matteau!

    When he was running the Islanders back in the 1970s, Bill Torrey described the Entry Draft as "a crap shoot."
    All things considered Bowtie Bill knew how to roll the dice. Thanks to his annual pickings Torrey landed Hall of Famers Denis Potvin, Bryan Trottier and Mike Bossy among others. An unprecedented -- for an American team -- four straight Stanley Cups were Torrey's rewards.
    The Rangers...
  • Wednesday, July 18, 2012

    A Quick Analysis, Marty & Moose, and Is Gomer a Goner?

    • IS GOMER A GONER? Once upon a time Scotty Gomez was a prized playmaker and then he got rich and traded and traded again. At last look the Canadiens high command still was kicking itself for the deal that dispatched defense-wonder Ryan McDonagh to New York. What new Habs boss Marc Bergevin now must determine is whether Gomer is a goner or if there's still some worthwhile hockey in his body -- and h...
  • Tuesday, July 17, 2012

    The Chase for Nash, NHL in Vegas & Honors for Lou

    • The Rick Nash Derby could very well conclude with the large scorer remaining in Columbus. Furthermore, the Blue Jackets’ captain knows this — he’s been told in no uncertain terms — and will have to adjust, if necessary. Nash understands that his boss, g.m. Scott Howson, must get a big return on his investment. Nash is Columbus’ only asset and the g.m. cannot afford to be wrong. Other potential...