Adam Ant to Play Beacon Theatre September 13th

Iconic 1980s pop star, Adam Ant returns to the music scene in his 2017 North American ANTHEMS: The Singles Tour. The musician rose to fame three decades ago as a leading new wave music pioneer bridging the gap between London’s underground post-punk scene and the chart-topping pop sound in the States.

Part of Ant’s appeal has always been his unique and unconventional take on fashion. He was largely considered a leading muse for the “New Romantic” era of fashion which redirected punk from grunge to flamboyant, colorful and luxurious. In fact, Ant was a leading muse of Vivienne Westwood in the ’80s and ’90s.

Many of the looks Westwood and Ant created infused historical influences like those of pirates and buccaneers. Ant led the movement with staple pieces like full-sleeved, frilled shirts made from luxury fabrics, theatrical brocade and hussar style jackets and ornate, over-sized hats.

Ant’s return to New York City falls serendipitously during the Fall/Winter variation of New York Fashion Week. While Ant resurrects his classic singles and visionary style, emerging designers will display their vision for the future of fashion. For Ant, fashion and music have always lived in tandem.

“I just think, certainly for live music, it should look as good as it sounds,” Ant was noted saying in an interview with Australian news station 702 in 2012. “The music’s tantamount—that’s first, but it should look great as well. That just happens to be me.”

Ant has sold more than 40 million albums worldwide and has had eight singles in the Top 40 in one week. His return to the states marks his second tour in 2017. Earlier this year his tour “Kings of Wild Frontier” played to 50,000 fans in sold-out venues throughout North America and the UK.

In Ant’s latest tour, his unique style and sound will be on full display. He’ll play his classic chart-topping singles like “Stand and Deliver” and “Goody Two Shoes,” as well as rare singles, B sides and personal favorites.

The ANTHEMS: The Singles Tour plays the historic Beacon Theatre located in the Upper West Side in New York City on September 13th.

Get tickets: Tickets are on sale now for Adam Ant’s 2017 ANTHEMS: The Singles Tour! The show will play in New York City’s iconic Beacon Theatre Wednesday, Sept. 13th at 8 p.m. Tickets range from $40- $80. Order tickets now through Ticketmaster.