Madison Square Garden

Explore the Culinary Delights at The Garden

We believe that food is a vital part of enjoying unforgettable sporting and entertainment events. From traditional bites to more outside-the-box offerings, check out our quick-serve food destinations that are sure to satisfy any craving.


Free Wifi

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Chase ATMs

Chase Square; Terrace Level; Infosys Concourse; Garden Concourse; Chase


Towers A, B, C and D

Family Restrooms

Sections 117; 227; Across from Suites 43 & 21

Guest Experience

Sections 117; 227

Take a Virtual Tour

Use our interactive map with 360° views to navigate your way inside Madison Square Garden.


Madison Square Garden has the following available for people with disabilities: wheelchair, designated aisle transfer and companion seats, accessible restrooms and assisted listening services.

Madison Square Garden Disabled Services

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