Thank you for participating in the #GetUpAndVOTE campaign! We are so encouraged by how many people have shared their voice so far and we look forward to increasing momentum in the coming week with support from activists like you! Over 90M people did not vote in the midterms last year, IT’S TIME TO MOBILIZE!✌

Step 1
Record a video of yourself singing a version of the Get Up & VOTE! Song by Linda Perry and John Legend.
John Legend
Linda Perry
*If you do not feel comfortable singing, you can tweet/post the image below, don’t forget to include the hashtag #GetUpAndVOTE!

Step 2
Use the following language in your post on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook:
YOUR Right!
YOUR Voice!
YOUR Choice!
11/6/18 #GetUpAndVOTE!

Step 3
Post your video!
“Hey Hey, come together,
We can make the world much better,
Can’t give up on hope,
Gotta get up and vote, gotta get up and vote!”

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