Walmart Community Playmaker

Gidion Phillips

Gidion has been going to Haiti three or four times a year since the earthquake in 2010 because, even after providing aid to Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania for a few years, the situation in Haiti was more desperate, hopeless, and bleak than anything she had seen before.  She spent the first few years volunteering with every group, in every part of Haiti, in every type of service, to understand what creates meaningful, sustainable change, rather than pretty Facebook pictures. Of the 32,000 kids in registered orphanages, the hundreds of thousands of homeless kids and restaveks (child slaves), approximately 80% of them have some living family. She committed her time and money to Little Footprints, Big Steps in Les Cayes, Haiti, whose goal for the past 8 years has been to end the orphanage system, reunite kids with their families, put them in a safe home, provide medical care, education, outreach and support, to restore the family, create grassroots programs to support the community, and ultimately rebuild a self-sustaining Haiti.  Her website,, raises funds that go directly to